Who are Smiling Host?

We, Smiling Host, are a great team who share the passion for hospitality.

Through our own experience, with temporary renting out of our homes, we discovered that the rental process is our cup of tea. The energy and enthusiasm that came to us because of this, made sure we knew for certain: THIS IS OUR FUTURE!

That’s why Smiling Host was founded in February 2015 and we started to experience ourselves whether our idea of "an undiscovered business opportunity" would actually exist. All tasks were divided with the idea that the weaknesses of one are often the strengths of the other and together the right ingredients for the perfect match. We strongly believed in Smiling Host and wanted to make it a successful company.

Now, a few summers later, we can definitively say: "Smiling Host mediates in the rental to tourists, expats, short-term rental, long-term rental, booking manager, property manager and... WE LOVE IT!